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Hi I'm Ainsley and this is my Frozen blog (NSFW)


Guys, please go vote for Sterek here!

The Backlot’s Slash Madness Tournament has returned again this year. As always, Sterek is back in the game in the "Big Guns" category. Round one has begun, and Sterek is up against Supernatural’s Wincest. 
For those of you who hasn’t ever been a part of these tournaments, they’re usually pretty fun to do. The first tournament, we won. The second, we didn’t win, however Sterek got over 800,000 votes in the championship round. 
Remember, this isn’t for Jeff. It’s not for the writers. It’s not for the social media team. It’s not for the PR. The Sterek fandom is our (the fans’) fandom. This is for us. We created this. 
Keep that in mind, and VOTE STEREK! 

I just typed 200 follower because my brain still can’t register I’m up to this many - thank you all so much for the support!
This isn’t very big or anything but I wanted to do something small to just thank everyone - perhaps next giveaway I’ll be more able to do a bigger thing!
Two ways to enter:
Reblog this
Like this
That’s all you have to do. You do have to be following me since I really want this to be a thing for my followers. And I have no fear of people following just to win and then unfollowing because if you’re going to follow me even for a brief period of time that means putting up with a lot of nonsense I post to this blog so even that deserves a bit of a reward!
Prizes available:
Every winner gets a mandatory bag of banana chips or banana erasers depending on what they choose.
Every winner gets a jar of organs charm - courtesy of the DBCR interns.
First drawn winner gets to choose one of these items:-Cecilos shirt-NVCR Mug-Desert Bluffs bloody tunic-Handmade tentacle earrings(Second winner gets second pick, and so on)
One random (un)lucky winner gets a Strexpet (the furby) in their package as well.
Shipping will be covered by me!
Winners will be chosen August 1st.
Also if you follow any of my other blogs:
and happen to be drawn as a winner, you’ll get a bonus prize for each blog you follow. Again thank you all so much!

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